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CRO Specialist

Tatvic Analytics

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 9 months ago

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- Manage day-to-day landing page optimization and testing of your client accounts. To you, landing page optimization is never finished. 

- Event tracking, A/B testing, and data analysis are part of your process to inform further optimization and improvements. 

- Create, execute, and refine new testing strategies that directly address client goals and challenges (ex: creative, landing pages, product features). 

- Coordinate with design and engineering teams to ensure smooth communication and implementation of testing strategies. 

- Advice and assist our team in planning and executing the delivery of our product vision. 

 Functional Competencies Required: 

- Customer Focus 

- Consulting Skills 

- Hypotheses Generation 

- Data Analysis 

- Mockup Generation 

- A/B Testing Software

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